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Balance Planner
Balance Planner
Balance Planner
Balance Planner
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Balance Planner

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Balance Planner is more than just a regular planner - it’s a powerful yet simple tool to help you create a balanced life and focus on what’s important. 

In just 5 minutes a day it will help you to plan your days smarter, achieve your goals faster and live a happier and more fulfilling life. 

Balance Planner is based upon the idea that in order to be truly happy, you need to have balance between key areas of your life: work/study, self growth, body/health, relationships, friends/leisure and spirituality.


This option has a hard cover and elastic strap, but does not include a saffiano vegan leather cover. 

As a special gift for you we also include a video guide "How to use your planner to add more balance to your life"! 


  • Balance Planner 2019 (A5 size, undated, 190 pages/6 months)
  • Video "How to use your planner to add more balance to your life"


    • Strike the perfect balance between work and personal life. Imagine achieving your biggest career goals while still having time to finally join that spin cycle class or finishing the book you've been reading for months!
    • Get crystal clear on YOUR dreams and goals. You are unique and so are your goals.You will get a clear vision on what YOU would love to accomplish and what brings YOU joy: is it spending more time with your loved ones, starting your own business or travel more?
    • Harness the power of gratitude for a happier you. Taking just a couple of minutes a day to write down the things you are grateful for will improve your overall happiness, mental health, relationships and career! It can even help you sleep better! No kidding, it was scientifically proven! *
    • Form new, positive habits. Want to start running in the morning but somehow snooze button always stands in the way? Habit tracker is there for you - never forget again to go for a morning run, to drink those 8 glasses of water or floss daily.
    • Work less and achieve more. Say goodbye to being constantly busy, but not seeing any progress! You will organize your week better by mindfully planning your time and tasks at hand.