minte  noun, Romanian - mind
the element of a person that enables them
to be aware of the world and their experiences,
to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought

Hello, friend!

Welcome to Minte Tribe!

Who we are

Minte was founded by two sisters with a dream of creating beautiful stationery that would bring you joy and empower you to live a more balanced and happy life.

How we got here

It all started in January 2017 when my sister came to live with me in Barcelona for some time.  On that winter day on a cozy sofa of my living room a little conversation turned into a big idea. It was a beginning of the year and we were talking about our hopes and dreams.

At that time I was managing a succesful real estate company and my sister was a nomadic graphic designer travelling around the globe. We both ditched our 9 to 5 jobs several years ago and it worked out well. Still while seemingly living the dream life we were both feeling unfullfilled, tired and wanted to make more of our lives, not only making a living but also making a difference and having the brand of our own.

Our big idea came from our mutual interest in self-development, planning and productivity. Balancing a busy work life with self-care and social life isn’t an easy task and we tried it all – apps, planners, to-do lists. They all were missing something important. Ordinary planners left no space for reflections and didn't offer the freedom of customisation.  Mobile apps were just adding more stress as they wouldn´t let us disconnect from the technology. Searching for a solution we have discovered the intriguing system called ¨bullet journaling¨. It seemed perfect except one thing - we had no time to create all the lists and trackers by ourselves. 

How Minte journal was born

That is how we decided to combine the convenience of self-development planners on the market with the freedom of customisation of bullet journals. 

We wrote down a list of page ideas that we found important and efficient and combined it with the knowledge from the psychology books and workshops. We designed the pages to be effective and easy to use. We wanted to create a journal for women like us – with a love for planning and note taking, with an eye for good design, wishing to get more organised and add some mindfulness to their busy lives.


After several prototypes and a lot of hard work we finally created the Minte journal as it is today. We are humbled to see our brand grow and are hoping to bring joy to women around the world and help them to become a better version of themselves.

Our mission is to empower girls and women around the world through inspirational products, education and charity projects.

We believe that every life is precious and freedom is the most important human right, so we are donating 10% of every product sold to A21.org - an incredible non-profit organization that is changing the world by fighting human trafficking globally!